Ongoing Cases


As we continue to litigate a claim on your behalf, there are several small steps you must take to assist us moving forward.

Contact Information

It is imperative that you keep us informed of any changes to your contact information, including changes to your name, address, phone number, or email address. In addition, you must provide us with the last 4 digits of your social security number for identification purposes. You may do this by clicking here for the "Change of Address" form. 


Please e-mail, fax, or mail our firm copies of any documents you may have such as pay stubs, memos, employee handbooks, pay records, etc., related to your employment working for the defendant. Since you are a plaintiff in this case, the court requires you to preserve relevant documents currently in your possession. Therefore it is important to your case that you do not throw away, destroy, or misplace any document related to your employment. Instead, send those documents to us by mail, fax, or email at as soon as possible.

Ongoing Cases

If you have filed, or are considering filing bankruptcy, your participation in this case may be relevant to those proceedings. We encourage you to notify your bankruptcy attorney that you are participating in this case.