TIME’S UP Brings the #MeToo Movement to the Workplace

Ever since the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund joined forces with the vast Legal Network for Gender Equity, victims of sexual harassment have been able to find better access to a legal support team as well as monetary, emotional, and storytelling support to help them fight back against workplace sexual harassment.

MSE’s Involvement

Attorneys at McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP are proud to have joined the Legal Network, so as to offer their passion for workers’ rights to individuals seeking legal assistance for workplace sexual harassment.

Attorneys at MSE became involved with the Legal Network when Nicole Faut joined the firm in August of 2019, following a legal fellowship with the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund at the National Women’s Law Center. By joining forces with the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and the Legal Network for Gender Equity, MSE’s attorneys are eager to do their part in ending the vicious cycles of disempowerment, retaliation and isolation that many workers face.

If you were given the contact information for one of MSE’s attorneys and would like to reach out, please do so through our private and confidential email that is dedicated for cases such as these: BeHeard@mselaborlaw.com, or by calling the direct line of the MSE attorney that the Legal Network has provided for you.

Below is a list of resources for informational purposes regarding the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, the Legal Network for Gender Equity, as well as resources for other topics such as sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and reporting violations: 

Hotlines and Support Groups