Firm Profile

McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP (formerly Mulholland & Hickey) is a top-rated law firm devoted to protecting and enforcing the rights and interests of labor organizations and employees in both the public and private sectors. Established over 50 years ago in the nation's capital, McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP's practice is national in scope.

The firm's lawyers are licensed in California, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and the District of Columbia.

The firm provides its clients with a wide-range of legal services covering most aspects of labor and employment law. Its experienced litigators handle complex cases (including class action cases) in federal and state courts and before administrative agencies. The firm's practitioners have substantial experience in both jury and non-jury trials and appellate court proceedings. In addition, McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP offers services in drafting and negotiating all forms of labor agreements, and drafting and promoting passage of legislation designed to protect worker rights and benefits.

McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP's attorneys have extensive experience in advising employees and labor organizations on claims relating to:

  • Minimum wage and overtime pay
  • Adverse personnel actions taken in response to employees exercising their rights of free speech and freedom of association
  • Retaliation for engaging in union activities
  • Violations of labor-management relations laws (statutes affecting public and private sector employment)
  • Pension rights and benefits
  • Protections for workers and retirees in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Discrimination in employment (race, age, sex, etc.)
  • Family and medical leave rights

McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP is committed to client satisfaction, as evidenced by its successful practice that spans over a half-century. The firm's attorneys maintain continuous (and confidential) contact with our clients throughout the progression of a case, explaining their rights and the legal process not in terms that only lawyers understand, but in terms that the clients and their families can understand. Recognizing that meritorious claims should not go unremedied because of the level of a person's resources, McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP handles cases through different forms of fee arrangements, including contingency fees, hourly fees and fixed fees.