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Resources for Private Sector Employees

McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of private sector workers who work in a variety of different jobs – from auto mechanics to waitresses to production line workers in meat packing plants across the country. We have been serving workers in both the private and public sector for over 50 years and have significant experience winning a wide variety of wage and hour cases on their behalf.

Unlike the public sector, private sector employee pay rates are not enforceable by government statues and in non-union workplaces the employer can have a lot of power in determining how their workers are paid. They don’t have to follow any sort of pay chart as government employees do and there are generally less protections for private sector workers.

Since private sector workers are subject to greater employer decision-making and oversight, it is extremely important to know your rights as a worker and to know when you aren’t being paid correctly under the law. Some employers will attempt to manipulate employees pay to avoid compliance with federal and state statutes regarding overtime or minimum wage laws.

Our lawyers have handled many cases on behalf of private sector workers and have provided resources for the industries in which we have seen the greatest number of wage and hour violations:


Restaurant & Food Services

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Loan Officers

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DC Homecare Workers

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Legal Representation for All Workers

When McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP decides to take your case, it is because we believe there is an unacceptable workplace violation that has negatively impacted you or resulted in your employer paying less than what the law requires and which we have a reasonable chance of remedying. We recognize that meritorious claims should not go unremedied because of the level of a person’s resources.

To ensure accessible and available legal representation for all our clients, MSE handles cases through different forms of fee arrangements, including contingency fees, hourly fees and fixed fees.

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