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Sunday, 29 December, 2019

American Legal Institute Continuing Legal Education airs Replay of Session hosted by MSE Managing Partner

At the American Legal Institute Continuing Legal Education (ALI CLE) conference in New Mexico, July 2019, MSE Managing Partner Gregory McGillivary and Paul DeCamp of Epstein, Green and Becker were presenters for the session “Current Developments in Employment Law: Wage and Hour Update.” The positive feedback led program leaders at the ALI CLE to create a stand-alone webcast replaying their session, which will air on the ALI CLE website on Jan. 7, 2020 at 1pm EST. 

In this session, Gregory and Paul discuss the major developments and influential interpretations of labor and employment laws and how they can affect various industries across the nation.

The topics being discussed include:

  • Finding out what opt-in plaintiffs and absent class members have to say
  • Use of, and limits on, formal discovery
  • Potential ethical constraints on informal communications by employers
  • “Fair reading” of FLSA exemptions in the wake of Encino Motorcars
  • Suits under state law for airline and railway workers
  • DOL’s new overtime rule
  • Interplay of arbitration and the FLSA opt-in process: should courts allow notices to potential opt-ins who signed arbitration agreements?
  • Recent developments in tip credit regulations, legislation, and litigation
  • And, of course, California – Dynamex and more

This session is for lawyers and those involved in the legal world of labor and employment law, but we encourage all who are interested to attend this virtual seminar.

To watch this session or for more information, click here to visit the ALI CLE website.

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